David Klassen puts your Message In Motion with sound strategy, crisp content and compelling production across multiple channels of media.

An award-winning writer, producer and director, David brings global experience and knowledge to your most challenging communication projects.

Since 1985, David has owned and managed Message In Motion, providing senior executives with mission-critical services in marketing, public relations, training, acquisition and development.

For one recent global enterprise, David wrote, produced and edited an acquisition announcement and then directed its translation into 18 languages and distribution to 22 countries – in the space of 16 days.

David Klassen has earned a reputation for leadership in cross-channel marketing communications. He works closely with CEOs and organizational teams to identify core strengths, develop strong strategies and achieve outstanding results.

Effective marketing requires more than copy and code: Meet your next communications challenge with intuition, judgement and experience.

Message In Motion brings strategy, content and results to marketing communications.